Versatile software

Autotech markets a number of highly configurable, stand-alone software products that can be tailored to the needs of a particular application.

FactoryMonitor allows comprehensive monitoring and reporting of the production environment, providing management with the information required to make efficiency improvements. Featuring out-of-the-box integration with shop floor manufacturing systems, FactoryMonitor’s user-friendly displays of key data make production flow problems immediately obvious.

SmartInterface enables and records communication events between individual systems, allowing buffering and manipulation of data prior to exchange. SmartInterface allows multiple devices – such as PLCs, barcode readers and tag readers – to interface to a single host system, whilst providing advanced monitoring and reporting.

Schedule is a smart database application for comprehensive management of preventive maintenance tasks. Developed to enable large-scale automation systems to be maintained in accordance with suppliers’ recommendations – thereby ensuring warranty compliance – Schedule features detailed planning and recording tools according to various criteria, such as equipment type, date or engineer.


  • Facility monitoring and reporting tools
  • Software application modules with integrated diagnostics
  • Miniload and high-bay crane controls
  • Distributed motor control systems
  • Maintenance scheduling and management solutions

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